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Beaulieu Cine-Filmclub International (BCFI)

Who is the Beaulieu Cine-Film Club International?

The Beaulieu Cine Film-Club International (BCFI) was founded in 1984 by film amateurs. For a group of friends soon a nationwide association of filmmakers and filmmakers who realized their projects with the cameras all cine-camera types available on the market developed. The reference in the club name on Beaulieu is merely a tribute to one of the camera brands that have written the history of film. Our club currently has about 120 members (members) from all over Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. A creative challenge for us is the production of perforated chemical film. The unique image impression and the related design possibilities convince us even today. Film in its original form was always something special — and that he has remained in the digital age! Therefore we favor this fascinating medium that rewards us with its special image quality. In the circle of like-minded people, we have a lot of fun at the common hobby..

How can I become a member?

If you want to join , you simply download the membership enrollment and send it to the office . The annual membership fee is € 35. We recommend the magazine Cine 8-16 for € 39.80 a year equal to order with . Only € 74.80 per year for membership BCFI and Cine 8-16 .